Infrared cameras

Fixed infrared cameras PYROVIEW from DIAS Infrared from Dresden

Infrared cameras provide non-contact measurement of twodimensional temperature distributions to the costumer. There are fixed devices that we call PYROVIEW and portable devices where we cooperate with the German company Testo. PYROVIEW stands for high-quality and durable, fixed infrared cameras specifically for industry and research. We offer different temperature and spectral ranges for the solution of your measurement problem. In addition there are several housing variants and lenses for different purposes. All DIAS PYROVIEW infrared cameras are developed and produced for the industrial continuous operation. Additionally we obstruct our cameras in numerous system solutions.

Everything at a glance: Overview broschure infrared camera PYROVIEW


  • Process control in real-time
  • Non-destructive and non-reactive measurement
  • Measurement on parts that are difficult to access

Numerous application areas

Application examples infrared camera PYROVIEW made by DIAS InfraredThe use of our cameras is as colored as the manifold type spectrum. Everywhere where temperatures in process play a big role, our cameras can be integrated. Thanks you different housings and system solutions also objects that are difficult to access can be measured. Our PYROVIEW cameras are used for example:

  • Quality management:  e.g. in steel industry, in the glass industry or cement manufacturing
  • Process automation and control: Production of semiconductors or wafer for solar industry
  • R & D projects: non-destructice material testing and studies of aspects in veterinary medicine
  • Early fire surveillance of storages, in forests and evebn in cities
  • Traffic control, e.g. in road tunnels 
  • Inspection of electrial facilities (portable devices)
  • Building thermography around thermal bridges and localize weak points in wallings (portable devices)