Questionnaire for non-contact temperature measurement

    By which application or process do you want to measure the temperature?

    What is the object to be measured made of?

    What is the surface area like?

    How is the material heated?

    What ist the temperature measuring range?

    Requested: from ℃ to
    Essential: from ℃ to

    What are the dimensions of the measuring object?

    Length: mm × Width: mm × Height: mm

    What ist the measurement field?
    Diameter: mm
    What is the distance from pyrometer to object?
    Min: mm, Max: mm
    What ist the required measurement time?

    What is the ambient temperature?

    Can the optical path be influenced by the environment?

    What is the emissivity of the material?

    Is the object moving? What is the speed?

    What output signal is required?

    (0) 4...20 mARS485RS232USBEthernet

    How should the measured temperature be handled?


    What alternative measurement techniques have been used? Was this successful?

    What additional conditions are important?

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