Integrated web server extends the functionality of the DIAS infrared cameras and increases the convenience for the operator

Integrated web server extends functionality of DIAS infrared cameras

DIAS PYROVIEW infrared cameras and PYROLINE IR line cameras use the Internet Protocol (IP) for the transmission of measured data, but also for controlling of the cameras as well as for service and maintenance. Especially for the last two functions, DIAS Infrared’s cameras have a built-in web server, which can be called up by any web browser in parallel with the measurement data acquisition. The built-in web server provides a number of features that provide great benefits to the user and increase comfort:

25 years of DIAS Infared – 25 years of innovation

25 years of DIAS Infared – 25 years of innovation

The Dresden-based company DIAS Infrared celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017. The now globally operating company was founded in 1992 by employees of the TU Dresden, who have were researchers in the field of infrared measurement technology. More…

New infrared line camera PYROLINE for very fast measurement of temperature profiles

Infrared line cameras have been used successfully for many years in temperature-sensitive processes, for example in the metal and glass industry. The temperature profiles measured thereby provide data to ensure the quality of the process continuously and to improve it. In addition to the high accuracy in the non-contact temperature measurement, the speed during measurement is also an important factor. More…