Pyroelectric arrays PYROSENS

The pyroelectric linear array includes a lithium tantalate chip with 128, 256 or 510 elements. The signals produced by the elements are processed in a CMOS circuit. Signal processing is carried out by the analogue circuitry, including an adapted low-noise preamplifier for each pixel, a multiplexer and an output amplifier. The pyroelectric chip and CMOS readout circuit are located on a thick film substrate, all mounted inside a hermetic metal housing. The incident radiation passes through a window or filter, transparent to infrared wavelengths.

PYROSENS pyroelektrische Arrays

Linear arrays in volume production

  • Lithium tantalate pyroelectric arrays with high stability
  • 128, 256 or 510 elements with 100 µm, 50 µm or 25 µm pitch respectively
  • Integrated CMOS multiplexer and temperature sensor
  • Coated Ge or Si filters
  • Many types with ion beam milled thin sensor elements for high signal-to-noise-ratio
  • Option: metal absorbing layer for high and spectral uniform absorption
  • Option: ion beam etched trenches between the sensor elements for excellent signal-to-noise-ratio at low modulation frequencies (e.g. 10 Hz)
  • Type overview pyroelectric linear arrays


InfrarotArray Fertigung in Gernany


The evaluation kit allows easy operation of the PYROSENS arrays. It consists of a small circuit board with complete electronics and software by which the electronics is controlled via USB connection from a Windows PC. The power can be provided by the USB port or a separate power supply (9 V). For synchronisation with further external components, such as for radiation modulation, a
trigger pulse is provided. The read-out cycle can be adjusted between 1 and 30 lines/s.

A DLL interface for the integration of the evaluation kit in custom software solutions and common laboratory software is available. Thus, commissioning and integration of PYROSENS arrays in their own software and system solutions become even easier. The interface permits access to all array parameters via API functions and reading out the pixel values. The evaluation kit can be integrated into a variety of software environments, e.g.

  • MathWorks MATLAB
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio

For the development of software in C / C ++ corresponding header and lib files are included.

Pyroelektrische Sensorarrays einfach auswerten mit dem Evaluationkit

Customized infrared arrays

  • Up to 510 elements with adjusted element geometry
  • 25 µm minimum pitch
  • Dual line sensors with two side by side placed pyroelectric arrays, each with up to 256 elements
  • Special narrow and wide band-pass filters, variable filters
  • Integrated CMOS multiplexer and temperature sensor
  • Hermetic metal housing
  • Customized sensor modules with sensor electronics and if applicable optical channel