Pyroelectrical single-element and multi-channel detectors PYROSENS

Our lithium tantalate pyroelectric single and multi-element infrared detectors are developed for use in gas analysis, spectroscopy, pyrometry and security applications.

Many types of infrared sensors manufactured in volume production are available. Beyond customized infrared sensors solutions are possible.

Pyroelectrical single-element and multi-channel detectors PYROSENS

Infrared detectors in volume production

  • Lithium Tantalate detectors with high specific detectivity and stability
  • Highest specific detectivity (109 cm Hz1/2 W-1) achieved using extremely thin ion-beam etched elements
  • Extremely low noise and microphony
  • Optional absorber or silver black for uniform spectral sensitivity
  • Low temperature dependence, thermal compensation optional
  • Up to 4 spectral channels per detector

More information:

Sensor fabrication

Customized infrared detectors

  • Pyroelectric lithium tantalate detector elements
  • Sensitive elements with special shapes and sizes
  • Temperature compensated detector elements
  • Multi-element and multi-spectral detectors
  • Customized filters and integrated optics
  • Infrared detectors with fiber optics
  • Infrared detectors for voltage or current mode operation
  • TO18-, TO39-, TO8 or special housings
Customized detector production