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Pyrometer PYROSPOT made in Germany

Pyrometers are termed radiation thermometers or infrared thermometers, too. PYROSPOT stands for a multiplicity of series of pyrometers for the non-contact, point-shaped temperature measurement in the range from –40 °C to 3000 °C. Our pyrometer series differ with respect to their temperature ranges, interfaces, housings and the therefor related purpose. Manifold accessories allows individual adjustment to the applikation and the integration in system solutions.

To minimize physically caused temperature measurement ranges resulting from emissivity inaccuracies, you should measure at a short wavelength. Please read this article for more information.For measurements on objects with changing or unknown emissivity our ratio pyrometers, that are contained in many PYROSPOT series, are suitable, too. Our fiber optics pyrometers are specifically suitable for measurements in hot ambient conditions or measurement parts that are difficult to reach.

All fixed DIAS pyrometers have a standard 0/4 to 20 mA temperature linear output. As digital interfaces USB or RS-485 are available which are galvanically isolated in either case. The RS-485 interface uses Modbus RTU as data protocol. Pyrometers with that kind of interface can be integrated without any problems in existing bus systems and process controls.

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Pyrometer seriesFeatures
PYROSPOT Series 4xUniversal, compact and robust pyrometers for industrial application
PYROSPOT Series 5xHigh-precision, very fast pyrometers for industrial purposes
PYROSPOT Series 1xHigh-precision pyrometers for industry and research
PYROSPOT Series 3xFiber optics pyrometers for glass industry
PYROSPOT Series 8xPortable pyrometers for the use in heavy industry
Special pyrometersPyrometers for special application

PYROSPOT Series 4x – Universal, compact and robust pyrometers for industrial application

PYROSPOT Series 40 – All-around applicable 2-wire pyrometers with USB interface

PYROSPOT Pyrometers Series 40

PYROSPOT Series 42 – Good value series with emissivity adjustment for first-time users

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 42

PYROSPOT Series 44 – Bus-compatible pyrometers with USB interface

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 44
  • Compact pyrometer with bus-compatible RS-485 interface
  • Digital signal convertion for high measurement accurancy
  • Different temperature and spectral ranges for all industrial application
  • Detailed information about PYROSPOT series 44

PYROSPOT Series 4 – Pyrometers with small remote sensor head and separate electronics

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 4

PYROSPOT Series 5x – High-precision, very fast pyrometers for operations in industry

PYROSPOT Series 54 – Extra powerful pyrometers with very good cost-performance ratio

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 54

PYROSPOT Series 56 – Extremely powerful pyrometers with display and parameterization keys

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 56

PYROSPOT Series 1x – High-precision pyrometers for industry and research

PYROSPOT Series 10 – Fast pyrometers with display, keys for parameterization and vario optics

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 10

PYROSPOT Series 11 – Robust and fast fiber optics pyrometers with display and control keys

PYROSPOT Pyrometer Series 11

PYROSPOT Series 3x – Pyrometers with fiber optics for glass industry

PYROSPOT Series 30/34 – Extremely temperature-resistant pyrometers with excellent cost-performance ratio

PYROSPOT Pyrometers Series 30 and 34

PYROSPOT Series 8x – Portable pyrometers for the use in the heavy industry

PYROSPOT Series 80 – Fast portable pyrometers with TFT color display

DIAS Pyrometers PYROSPOT Series 80 portable for high temperature measurement

Numerous application areas

Our digital pyrometers are radiation thermometers that provide non-contact temperature measurement between –40 °C and 3000 °C. They are robust, high-precision and have a marvelous reliability. So they are mainly used for industrial ambience. Everywhere where temperatures in the process play an important role, our pyrometers can be integrated. Thanks to different housings and models a large application area is covered, e.g.:

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