Infrared line cameras

Infrared line cameras for industrial applicationsInfrared line cameras for industrial applications

PYROLINE stands for high-quality and long-lasting fixed infrared line cameras for non-contact temperature measurement of twodimensional temperature profiles in industry and research. We offer you different temperature and spectral ranges for the solution of your measurement problem. Additionally there are various housing variants and lenses for different application. All DIAS PYROLINE infrared cameras are developed and manufactured in Germany. They are suitable for industrial continuous operation. In addition we obstruct our cameras in manifold system solutions.

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Advantages of infrared line camera compared to line scanners:

  • No opto mechanical scanner
  • High measurement speed up to 512 lines/second
  • Use of uncooled infrared sensor arrays
  • Simultaneous measurement of all measurement points

Numerous application areas:

Application PYROLINE infrared line camerasThe use of our cameras is as colored as the manifold type spectrum. Everywhere where temperatures in process play a big role, our cameras can be integrated. Thanks to different housings and optics also objects that are difficult to access can be measured. Our PYROLINE cameras are used in process automation and monitoring, also in quality assurance and in the following areas of applications:

  • Wood and paper
  • Plastics and Gum
  • Bulk and building materials
  • Textiles
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Metal