Infrared detectors and arrays PYROSENS

Our pyroelectric infrared detectors and arrays based on lithium tantalate are designed for the use in non-contact temperature measurement and also in gas analysis, spectroscopy and security applications.

The wide range of available sensor designs enables DIAS to provide customized solutions for small and large quantities.

By using modern ion beam etching technology very good signal to noise ratio values are achieved.

PYROSENS infrared detectors and arrays
PYROSENS infrared detectors and arrays

Your benefit

  • Very high specific detectivity D* or very low noise equivalent power NEP, respectively
  • Large variablity in construction
  • Customized solutions with excellent price-performance ratio

Pyroelectric standard detectors PYROSENS and customized infrared arrays

We offer a wide spectrum of different pyroelectric infrared detectors types and linear arrays:

Infrared sensors open up many fields of application: spectrometry, food analysis, medical technology and safety applications

Applications infrared sensors for saftey and food

Pyroelectric infrared sensors and arrays are designed by DIAS Infrared GmbH on the basis of the proven pyroelectric lithium tantalate material. They are mainly used in non-contact temperature measurement and other applicatiopns such as gas analysis, spectroscopy and safety engineering.

The very high quality of the DIAS sensors is precondition for the many highly demanding applications in gas sensing and spectrometry. Especially in spectrometry the precise character of the measured signal is particularly important for our customers such as energy, wavelength, mass, and absorption. For example, in the case of studies in the food industry, it can be determined whether particular compounds are contained in the food and in what concentrations.

For special applications in temperature measurement, laser characterization, flame detection, medical, safety and environmental measurement technology, long-term stability and achievement of the highest sensitivity are important criteria. In large refrigerators, a leak in the cooling coils can be found by means of modern sensor technology, for example during temperature drops, thereby preventing undue leakage of cooling liquid. Sensors are widely used in process automation and monitoring as well as quality assurance in all branches of industry.

Applications of single and multi-channel infrared sensors:

pyroelectric infrared sensors for smart home

  • NDIR spectroscopy
  • ATR spectroscopy
  • Measurement of the gas concentration, e.g. For medical technology (anesthesia, breath control), leak detection, environmental measurement technology (air quality, exhaust gases)
  • Smart Home
  • Measurement of fluid components in medicine (e.g., blood and urine / urea), food technology, environmental engineering (oils, wastewater)
  • Laser calibration
  • Flame detection
  • Safety engineering
  • Temperature measurement (pyrometry)

Applications of pyroelectric arrays in industry and research:

Infrared sensor applications in medical Gas analysis

  • Measurement of temperature profiles (e.g., DIAS Infrared Line Camera PYROLINE) in the steel industry, in rolling mill, in strip processing, or in traffic monitoring systems
  • Laser calibration and profile measurement (PYROSENS)
  • ATR and NDIR spectroscopy (PYROSENS)
  • Gases (medical diagnostics, anesthetic gases, industrial gases, air quality, domestic technology)
  • Liquids (blood, other medical fluids, petrochemical, food)
  • Solids (powder, explosives, skin, food)