Infrared detectors and arrays PYROSENS – for applications in spectroscopy, gas analysis, safety engineering and non-contact temperature measurement

Infrared detectors are used in industry for the detection of physical and chemical properties like temperature, humidity, intensity and gas concentration.

For more than 25 years DIAS Infrared does research, development and manufacturing of high-quality infrared detectors.


PYROSENS infrared detectors and arrays
PYROSENS infrared detectors and arrays

Your benefits

  • Very high specific detectivity D* around 109 cm Hz1/2 W–1, excellent signal-to-noise-ratio
  • Use of very thin LiTaO3 sensor chips
  • State of the art ion beam milling technology
  • Large variablity in construction
  • Customized solutions with excellent price-performance-ratio
  • Realization of small and large quantities of customized infrared detectors
  • The infrared sensors and arrays are specifically designed for the use in the non-contact temperature measurement and radiation measurement, gas analysis and spectroscopy

Wide range of different pyroelectric infrared detector types and linear arrays

For the development and manufacturing of customized infrared detectors, contact us please.

Applications of single and multi-channel infrared sensors

pyroelectric infrared sensors for smart home

  • Measurement of the gas concentration, e.g. for medical technology (anesthesia, breath control), leak detection, environmental measurement technology (air quality, exhaust gases)
  • Measurement of fluid components in medicine (e.g., blood and urine/urea), food technology, environmental engineering (oils, wastewater)
  • Flame detection
  • Temperature measurement (pyrometry)
  • Laser calibration
  • Smart Home
  • Safety engineering
  • Motion control

Applications of pyroelectric arrays in industry and research

Infrared sensor applications in medical Gas analysis

  • ATR and NDIR spectroscopy
  • Gas analysis (e.g. medical diagnostics, anesthetic gases, industrial gases, air quality, domestic technology)
  • Liquid analysis (e.g blood, other medical fluids, petrochemical, food)
  • Solid analysis (e.g. powder, explosives, skin, food)
  • Measurement of temperature profiles (e.g., DIAS Infrared Line Camera PYROLINE in the steel industry, in rolling mill, in industrial strip processing, or in traffic monitoring systems)
  • Laser calibration and profile measurement

Pyroelectric single element and multi channel sensors PYROSENS

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Pyroelectric linear arrays PYROSENS

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