PYROSPOT Series 11 – robust with fiber cable

The digital pyrometer PYROSPOT of series 11 are developed and manufactured in Germany and are suitable for industrial continuous operation. They are used specifically in steel industry, kiln engineering, soldering installations as well as in ceramic and metal industry. The solid construction in a robust housing with fiber optic cable allows usage even under rough environmental conditions. Different temperature and spectral ranges are available. Customized system solutions including hardware and software adjustments are possible at any time.

PYROSPOT series 11 – high-precision with fiber cable

What characterizes the devices of PYROSPOT Series 11?

  • Full digital spectral and ratio pyrometer with fiber cable
  • Temperature ranges between 100 °C and 3000 °C
  • Fiber cable and optical head for ambient temperatures up to 250 °C
  • Large, easy to read OLED display and programmable keys
  • Integrated laser aiming light
  • Standard temperature linear output 0/4 to 20 mA
  • RS-485 interface (Modbus) and integrated switch contact
  • Compact housing, IP65

Models at a glance

Model Spectral range Temperature range Optics
DGEF 11N 2.0 µm to 2.6 µm 150 °C to 1200 °C Vario or fixed optics
DGEF 11N 1.5 µm to 2.2 µm 100 °C to 800 °C Vario or fixed optics
DGF 11N 1.5 µm to 1.8 µm 250 °C to 2500 °C Vario or fixed optics
DSF 11N 0.8 µm to 1.1 µm 600 °C to 3000 °C Vario or fixed optics

Ratio pyrometers

Model Spectral range Temperature range Optics
DSRF 11N 0.7 µm to 1.1 µm 600 °C to 3000 °C Vario optics
DGRF 11N 1.5 µm to 1.9 µm 300 °C to 2300 °C Vario optics

Accessories available