PYROSPOT PYROSPOT Series 42 – 2-wire series for first-time users

The digital pyrometer PYROSPOT of series 42 are developed and manufactured in Germany and are suitable for industrial continuous operation. Different temperature and spectral ranges are available. Customized system solutions including hardware and software adjustments are possible at any time.

Pyrospot Series 42 - low-cost entry-level user series

What characterizes the devices of PYROSPOT Series 42?

  • Fixed, digital pyrometers with emissivity adjustment
  • Compact housing for easy installation
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Temperature ranges between –40 °C and 2500 °C
  • Integrated or optional laser aiming light

Models at a glance

Model Spectral range Temperature range Optics
DT 42L 8 µm to 14 µm -40°C to 1000 °C Fixed optics
DT 42G around 5 µm 100 °C to 2500 °C Fixed optics
DS 42N 0.8 µm to 1.1 µm 600 °C to 2500 °C Fixed optics
DG 42N 1.5 µm to 1.8 µm 250 °C to 1800 °C Fixed optics

Accessories available